Archive: June 2016


So easy to see, you don’t have to look at it.

Our new H1 Handy Button, a single-button control panel provides immediate access to the key functions of the Standby system: siren and blue light, or only blue light. Without taking your eye off the road, you can start up these functions by simply tapping the H1 button. Read more about H1 Handy Button here.

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W1 update – lower price, higher quality

We have now updated our W1 and W2c Lightbars with better quality and at the same time we have lowered the price. So now they are even a much better alternative when you select the lightbar for your vehicle. Read more about W1 and W2c Lightbars here. Read more about W1 Amber version here.

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GPEC 2016

We are now exhibiting at GPEC in Leipzig until 9th June. Since the year 2000 GPEC is the first and only representative overview of products for internal security for all subject fields and kinds of equipment in Germany – especially information and communications technology, vehicle technology and traffic control, weapons and tools, clothing and personal equipment, forensic science and technology.

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