Volvo V90 Police Car

The Swedish police will early next year get the first delivery of the new Volvo V90. We have equipped it with several of our products. In the car is our VCCS control system that consists of the H2 touch screen, the software POLMAN® and distribution box with the vehicle computer CEO and our new handy button for blue lights, H1. On the car there is our W1 Lightbar and Lamp L52, horizontal and vertical version.

This is what Volvo has to say about the car:

“While the Swedish police will be the first to start using the V90, Volvo Cars sells its police cars in other countries as well. Other police forces that in recent years have used Volvos include Norway, Italy, the UK and the Netherlands. The V90, too, will be made available to any interested police forces around the globe.

For instance, the chassis is made stronger and more dynamic, the brakes and suspension are improved and the car is fully equipped with all necessary tools and communication equipment. It takes about a week to transform a standard V90 into a police car at Volvo Cars’ special manufacturing facility in Torslanda, Sweden.”

Read more at Volvos website.