Standby in Germany

On January 1st 2017 Standby GmbH was integrated in Standby Pintsch GmbH situated in Dinslaken, Germany.

All business that previously has been handled by Standby GmbH will be taken care of by Standby Pintsch in the same customer focused way as it has been in the past.

Our Michael Volland is following the integration and is now Key Account Manager at Standby Pintsch, operating from his office in Evessen.

These steps are a natural development after Standby Group acquired the warning signaling part from Pintsch Bamag GmbH on April 1st 2016.

We believe that our highly valued customers not only will get even better support and service but also a wider and more market oriented product portfolio at disposal.


Important addresses:

Standby Pintsch GmbH
Hünxer Straße 149
46537 Dinslaken

Tel.:+49(0)2064 602-0
Web: www.standby-pintsch.eu


Standby Pintsch GmbH
Michael Volland
Hühnerkamp 6 – D
38173 Evessen

Tel.: +49 (0) 5333 94 75 74
Mobil: +49 (0) 1577 3 55 00 22
E-mail: michael.volland@standby.eu


For further information please contact: Robert Jakobsson, CEO Standby Group, robert.jakobsson@standby.eu