Archive: April 2017


Standby Blue Light Challenge 2017

Standby invites all public safety and rescue employees, police officers, firefighters and paramedics, to participate in Standby Blue Light Challenge, with its own start line in Alliansloppet in Trollhättan, the 26th of August 2017. Standby offers free entries and provides a private area located near to the start and finish areas to welcome and receive

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New Key Account Manager

Robert Sundberg was hired March 27 as Key Account Manager at Standby. He will mainly take care of ambulance and fire customers in the Nordic region, but also other sales where reinforcement is required. He has worked with technology and sales in the Automotive (Volvo, Lear, IAC) and Telecom (Tradex to Brady). Here is what Robert has to say

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New product – L52 Window Bracket

The Window Bracket for L52 is a specially developed bracket to draw our L52 Lamp on the inside of the windshield or another window in a vehicle. The bracket is available in two sizes and in two versions; one with L52 Lamp Blue pre-assembled and one version without warning light and you must buy L52 Lamp Amber or White separate. Read

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