Standby 40 years 2018

It all started with a bet.

In the spring 1977, Kalle Byström learned that Trollhättan’s ambulance builder Swede Rescue had problems with their Norwegian imported sirens. He met his friend and Swede Rescue founder Hans Andersson at a dinner where Kalle struck him with the idea that he could construct a much better electronic siren amplifier.

Kalle contacted Lars Karlsson who was a good electronic engineer and he started working on the amplifier. In the summer of 1977, new regulations came that approved electronic siren amplifiers. The work will continue in the fall and in the end Kalle wins the game when he and Lars succeed in getting an amplifier that generated better sound with lower power and lower weight.

June 19, 1978, Kalle starts Standby with Tommy Stenberg after Swede Rescue ordered 50 siren amplifiers in the spring.

We will celebrate and pay attention to our 40 years in different ways during the year. Why not come and visit us and take a tour in our new, refreshed premises and have a cup of coffee? During the fall, we will also have some favorable campaigns, so pay attention to our news here and on our orher digtal medias.

The industry we are in, is constantly evolving, including Standby. As vehicles become increasingly connected, new demands are made for both technology and use. We look forward to many new interesting years, and hope to be on the way together with you.

See you during the year!