Archive: January 2021


New product: Stealth Reg Plate

Now we introduce the all new flexible Stealth Reg Plate that has a flexible rubber body which allows the unit to follow the contours of a curved bumper as well as sitting perfectly on a flat bumper. 6-way high intensity LED modules are set into each end and supplied with a Split Flash Quad flash

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Mercura changes its name to Standby Mercura

2021 will be the year of significant change for our sister company Mercura! Since 2014, they have been a member of the Swedish group Standby which is made up of 5 entities specializing in on-board signalling: Standby AB (Sweden), Standby GmbH (Germany), Standby Oy (Finland), Mercura (France) and Standby RSG (United Kingdom). On January 1st

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