Mercura changes its name to Standby Mercura

2021 will be the year of significant change for our sister company Mercura!

Since 2014, they have been a member of the Swedish group Standby which is made up of 5 entities specializing in on-board signalling: Standby AB (Sweden), Standby GmbH (Germany), Standby Oy (Finland), Mercura (France) and Standby RSG (United Kingdom).

On January 1st 2021 they decided to officially associate their French identity Mercura with the power of the Standby Group: Standby Mercura was born!

The objective for Standby Mercura is to join forces with those of their European colleagues in order to optimize their performance to bring even greater customer satisfaction.

May this new decade be synonymous with confidence and common success!

Read more about Standby Mercura at standby-mercura.fr