Rindab new partner

We are now pleased to announce that we have a new partner for the Swedish market in the form of Rindab AB. We will start selling and providing each other’s products and for our part, the focus will initially be on Vision X products in the form of work lights, LED ramps, flashlights and more.

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New product category: Panels

At the same time as the launch of the T4 Touch Panel last week, we created a new product category on our website; Panels. We also renamed some of our existing products to fit in with the new products we are launching in this category. The following existing products have new names: T5 Touch Panel

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New product: T4 Touch Panel

T4 Touch Panel – optimized combination of touch panel and hard buttons. We are now launching our new T4 Touch Panel which is a self-developed panel for special vehicles. During the development, we have taken into account all the tough requirements placed on use, safety and function. With its sleek size, the panel is built

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New product: L52 Handheld Search Light

Now we release our new L52 Handheld Search Light (HHS) which is a small, portable handheld lamp with a magnetic base. Thanks to its compact design, it can be temporarily attached anywhere on the vehicle when needed. The direction of radiation can be adjusted so that the L52 HHS shines where the light is needed.

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A unique display switch for Volvo’s infotainment system

We are now launching a unique display switch, Center Stack Display Switch (CSDS), which makes it possible to operate an external HDMI source directly into Volvo’s infotainment system. By double tapping on the home button at the bottom of the screen, you can easily switch between which source view should be visible on the screen.

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We reduce our climate impact

During the year, we have worked more to reduce our climate impact in various ways. One thing is that we are replacing our company cars with more environmentally friendly alternatives; either pure electric car or plug-in hybrids. When it comes to deliveries of products both from our suppliers and to our customers, we worked to

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Standby delivers to the Danish police

In addition to the Swedish and Norwegian police, we will now deliver our products to Volvo’s upcoming dog car in Denmark. It is based on an equivalent concept as to Norway (picture), where we have a control system, vehicle computer and light and sound. In addition to the dog cars, we will also deliver our

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Argynnis Group acquires British RSG Engineering Ltd

We are happy to finally be able to announce that RSG Engineering Ltd has been acquired by the Argynnis Group AB and has become part of the Standby Group. We firmly believe that this move will further strengthen both Standby Group and RSG’s position as one of the marketing leading companies in Europe delivering warning

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New product: CS25 Control System is the new Mini Blue

We will now introduce CS25 Control System; the new and updated version of our popular Mini Blue System. CS25 Control System is a complete control system for controlling the basic warning equipment. With the help of extra accessories you can also expand the system to include more advanced features. The CS25 is available for 12

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