Rotating or flashing? Halogen or LED? Your choice.

Gyroled M80 Amber

The beacon for automotive professionals

Gyroled M130 Amber

The new generation’s LED beacon

L84, Gyroled

Gyroled; rotating or flashing LED beacon in the magnetic-base, ISO-base and pole-base version. Amber

L11 KLF Rotating Beacon

KLF Rotating beacon approved for ICAO Annex 14.

L11 KLN Rotating Beacon, glass lens

The 3-Glasslens Optic Beacon KLN have three high-quality lenses.

L26, Rotating Beacon

Microrot L26 is one of the smallest rotating beacons available on the market.

L84 Gyroled Amber ICAO

Rotating or flashing LED beacon, ICAO-version