Rotating or flashing? Halogen or LED? Your choice.

Gyroled M130 Amber

The new generation’s LED beacon

L84, Gyroled

Gyroled; rotating or flashing LED beacon in the magnetic-base, ISO-base and pole-base version. Amber

L11 KLF Rotating Beacon, glass lens

KLF Rotating beacon with tilted lenses that deflect the light upwards in accordance to the international standard for use at...

L11 KLN Rotating Beacon, glass lens

The 3-Glasslens Optic Beacon KLN have three high-quality lenses.

L26, Rotating Beacon

Microrot L26 is one of the smallest rotating beacons available on the market.

L84 Gyroled; ICAO approved LED beacon

Rotating or flashing LED beacon, ICAO-version

L28 Rotating Beacon

L28, Boule is a classic beacon from Sirena.

L26, Flashing Beacon

Microrot is one of the smallest flashing beacons available on the market.