Standby Connect

Standby Connect gives you new possibilities to get full control of the vehicle fleet.

Special- and emergency vehicles are driven intensively and it harms components and systems hard. We know that stationary vehicles cost money and with Standby Connect this can be minimized.

With the help of the system you will find out how the vehicle is doing and can thus get the most out of your vehicle through planning and adapted driving for reduced wear and fuel saving.

Standby Connect is a cloud service with the latest technology and we can guarantee that the information is handled safely and provides the following possibilities:

  • Keep track of the car’s health – avoid unexpected stagnation
  • Clear overview of service intervals, for better planning
  • ECO driving for better environment and cost savings
  • Identify driving behaviors and see complete driving routes
  • Same interface for all vehicles, even for different vehicle brands
  • Can be installed together with Carat Control System or as ”stand alone”

The system has different user rights and an app for smartphones that allows you to easily manage the system wherever you are. A hardware is easily installed in the vehicle’s OBDII jack. Standby Connect works independently of the vehicle brand and can therefore be used for the entire vehicle fleet. It creates simplicity and more clarity for everyone involved.

Standby Connect can be connected to our Carat Control System and it takes the handling of special and emergency vehicles to a new level. Carat handles a variety of functions in the vehicle such as warning lights, radio and telecommunications, navigation, case handling and messaging, gate control, etc.

Together with Standby Connect, you can remotely monitor, remotely control and update the control system and get Standby Connect’s functions such as the car’s condition, position, driving behavior etc. directly in the vehicle. This enable new possibilities, for example, seeing the extension battery status, filtering on driving with and without blue light, or just be able to know that the blue light is intact and that lamps work as they should.

A complete system solution for special and emergency vehicles!

Contact our sales department and we will explain how we can help you get more control on your vehicle fleet!