Control Systems

A CAN-Bus interfaced control system with very high reliability. Designed and manufactured according to common vehicle standards and makes it possible to control an endless variety of functions in a vehicle.

CCS Lite Control System

Easy-to-use basic CAN bus based control system

Micro Blue Control System

Micro Blue is a safe and easy to use-control system.

CCS Control System

CCS Can-Bus Control System.

Mini Service Control System

CAN-Bus based control system designed to control all the retrofitted equipment in a vehicle.

Mini Blue Control System

Mini Blue CAN-Bus Control System.

SE05 Control System

New generation of control system

Carat Control System

Carat – a CAN-Bus based maneuver system for special vehicles

SE05 Mini

When additional inputs are needed

F6 Flasher

F6 Flasher is a simple control unit for smaller installations without CAN-Bus. It has few outputs but can be synchronized...