Connectivity & Services

In Connectivity & Services, we focus on providing the right software for steering and vehicle systems. Over time, we make sure that the software works, and that updates, editions are rolled out properly. Keeping the customer’s vehicles rolling is our motto and with our now connected Carat Control System we can, for example, update and troubleshoot remotely.

With our Standby Connect, users can log in as “fleet manager” or “work shop” and find out about driving behavior, real-time position, and how the car is doing. With this service, we take a greater overall responsibility for the vehicle fleet and make ownership more cost-effective over time.

Our high level of service has become a signature for Standby as a company. It is a matter of course for us to be at hand throughout the lifetime of the product. We put a lot of work and resources into our service and support organization and work hard to be able to act quickly and efficiently when needed.

In the area we also offer training for our Service Partners and customers. Depending on the needs, as well as previous knowledge, we adapt the training according to what fits.

With this increased content of connected systems, software and services, we have further focus on meeting the needs of tomorrow.

Regardless of the ambulance, the police, the fire or other special vehicles, we hear how we can tailor a solution that suits you.

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