Connectivity & Services

In Connectivity & Services, we focus on providing the right software for steering and vehicle systems. Over time, we make sure that the software works, and that updates, new releases are rolled out correctly.

We also offer training and seminars to our partners and customers in both digital form or on site as desired. Regardless of your level or previous knowledge, we tailor this to what suits you.

Our high level of service has become a signature for Standby as a company. Being on hand throughout the product’s life is a matter of course for us. We put a lot of work and resources into our service and support organization and work hard to be able to act quickly and efficiently when needed.

If you want to feel even more secure, we also offer customized service and support agreements where we and our partners can provide a complete solution in the form of product exchange, repairs, and simplify your everyday life by always making the products work when it matters. In addition, products can also be reused to a greater extent than is often done today, which is also good for the environment.

With this increased content of connected systems, software and services it can be nice to have a main contact to make that holds together a larger whole in your special vehicle.

Regardless of the ambulance, the police, the fire or other special vehicles, we hear how we can tailor a solution that suits you.

Please contact us at 0520-49 44 40 or