Standby Connect – efficient vehicle administration

Standby Connect is a web-based vehicle administration service that gives you control and an overview of your vehicle fleet.

With Standby Connect, you get all information about your vehicle fleet gathered in one place. For example, which organization the vehicle belongs to, the status of the vehicle, get reminders when it is to be serviced, how the vehicle is driven, where it is and through analysis be able to evaluate utilization rate, driving behavior, environmental impact and thereby cut costs.

Standby Connect works independently of the vehicle brand and can be used for the entire vehicle fleet. It creates uniform handling and overview of the vehicles.

Web interface and app for easy management where you are and where different user permissions control access to information.

Connection to the official (swedish) car register provides automated input of vehicles for minimal administration.


Vehicle register

Central register for the entire vehicle fleet with search and filtering of all vehicles.

The overview picture of the register shows, for example, registration number, car type, mileage and service monitoring.

Vehicle information is retrieved automatically from the Swedish Transport Agency, which minimizes manual handling such as technical information, ownership information and information on taxes and fees.

The vehicle log saves all issues about the vehicle.

Text field for each vehicle that provides the opportunity for your own notes.

You can easily move a vehicle from one organizational unit to another.




The entire organization’s vehicle fleet is monitored and gives you an automatic reminder.

Monitoring of inspection and service.

Direct connection to the swedish Road Traffic Register with automatic reminders for example:

Newly arrived vehicles, driving ban, time for inspection / re-inspection, results after inspection / re-inspection.



Inspection of equipment or vehicles

Create your own checklists that you then use to check your equipment or vehicles.

In the app, you go through the checklist and mark the checkpoints. Performed checks are saved and you also get an overview of performed checks.



Car pool

Flexible set.

Simple administration.

Easy for employees to start booking vehicles.

Connect key cabinet for automated key management.

Full control of the bookings and upcoming actions.



Driving journal

Works with any driving log

Automatic overview of routes

Simple summary on the web



Environment and Safety

CO2 follow-up

Calculation of safety, driving economy, driving behavior and environmental impact.

The gamification increases interest and improves safety



This can provide valuable information about your vehicle fleet and its use and the opportunity to make the right decision.

For example, how and when are the vehicles used? What does the utilization rate look like? Do you have the right number of vehicles? How do you affect the environment? What can be done to reduce costs?

The analysis tool provides information about:

  • The environmental impact of the vehicle fleet
  • Costs
  • Driving behavior and safety
  • Vehicles’ driving distances and when in the day they are used
  • Navy vehicle type, manufacturer, age and environmental class
  • Comparison between different units



Create your own business organization.

The vehicles can be sorted into departments and cost centers to provide the right follow-up and division of responsibilities.

Different permissions for different users.

Free to define your own roles and permissions for your users.



Damage management

Claims can be made via the mobile app – take a picture of the damage and send a report.

Claims can also be made via the web.

The vehicle manager is notified that the report has been received and can categorize and create a case regarding the damage.

The damage reports can be easily followed up as they are saved and are easily searchable.



Cost control

Import costs from your suppliers.

Cost registration and follow-up.

Record recurring costs.

Distribute fuel costs per vehicle.

Register and group optional costs.

Export reports to Excel.




Shows the current position of the vehicles on a map that gives an overview of where the vehicles are.



Supplier register

List the suppliers you have, for example:

Inspection points, workshops, fuel companies, fuel cards, contract management.


Standby Connect packages Small Medium Large
User administration
Vehicle register
Analysis - basic
Vehicle map
Connected vehicles
Driving record
Meter indication
Driving behavior
Cost management
Contract management
Damage management
Vehicle fleet alert update from Transportstyrelsen (swedish) + add-on + add-on
Driver identification + add-on + add-on + add-on

We can also offer other combinations of functions. Please contact us and we will suggest something that suits your business. You will find contact information here.