Product Warranty


Standby warranty covers all products that do not work properly because of material defects or due to faulty workmanship, subject to the terms of this Warranty Policy.

Our warranty applies only to product that has been installed according to the manufacturer’s installation instructions, operated within the proper specifications, not subject to abuse or misuse or excessive voltages and not altered and as to which a date code tag, product sticker, seal or the like, that was applied by the manufacturer, has been removed or altered.

Standby retains the right to determine what constitutes a defect in performance or manufacturing. The warranty applies only to the original purchaser or Standby approved service partners. Each warranty claim must be accompanied by a dated proof of purchase or registration number of the vehicle.

Standby shall not be liable for expenses incurred in the use of a product and/or the removal and re-installation of a product requiring service or repair or for the packaging, handling or shipping of a product to Standby and/or its authorized distributors.


Keep the customer on the road

In our strive to keep the customer vehicle on the road, Standby provides the option to send a new / replacement unit without any further questions asked. The defective unit need to be shipped to Standby within two weeks of arrival of the new unit, otherwise an invoice for the new unit will be sent.



If the customer returns a defective product within warranty period to Standby. Standby will examine the product and if the claim for warranty is justified and Standby accept that the product as defective, then Standby will, at its option, either repair or replace the defective product. Such repair or replacement is the sole and exclusive remedy for a defect in a Standby product.


Exchange units

Standby has a replacement system for parts and components based on exchange. Standby will despatch the exchange unit and will invoice the special price for. If the defect part is not received from the customer within 14 days of the delivery being made from Standby, then the difference between the special price for replacement unit and the regular spare part price will be invoiced.


4-year warranty period

W Lightbar Series: W1, W2C and W3 (manufacturing year 2019-)


3-year warranty period

Standby products are covered by a three-year warranty from date of delivery (not to exceed 3,5 years from date of manufacture) with proof of purchase. Purchased direct from Standby AB/OY or its approved resellers/distributers.


1-year warranty period

Loudspeakers and CEO hard drives


Procedure for activating the warranty process

  1. a) Contact Standby support to raise a warranty case and trigger the shipment of a new / replacement unit
    b) Start a warranty case at
  2. Standby ships a replacement unit (freight prepaid) on a warranty order as soon as possible.
  3. Defective units are to be returned (freight prepaid) to:Standby AB
    Nohabgatan 12C
    461 53 Trollhättan

A copy of the warranty order must be returned with the defective unit.